Thinking of trying an electric vehicle? A short-term lease is the ultimate test drive…

Thinking of trying an electric vehicle? A short-term lease is the ultimate test drive…

Combustion engines may still make up most of the car market, but electric vehicles are growing in popularity. If you’re thinking of switching to an electric vehicle, you’re not the only one!

You may think the transition could be difficult, but it’s not as much of a challenge as you think and we’re here to ease you in. Vehicles are changing and our approach to how we use them is changing, too. 

First things first… 

Electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t weird to drive because they don’t have an engine, in fact, many people who enjoy driving still enjoy doing it in an electric vehicle. EVs are pretty nice to drive, some are even futuristic, driving like an automatic just without all the racket! 

But what about charging the vehicle?

 Instead of refuelling, you need to charge your automobile and lots of electric car owners do this at home. All electric cars can charge off a standard wall socket although it can sometimes take hours.

Public charging is a great option, with many employers fitting electric charging ports in their car parks. We recently charged a Volvo XC40 at Cobham Service Station using one of their fast chargers and found that the Volvo gained 30% charge in 33 mins, costing just £7.42. 

Electric vehicles are better for the environment!

 There’s no doubt that EVs are better and kinder to the environment. Whilst they are typically powered by a lithium-ion battery this is much better than a combustion engine which runs on fossil fue 

If you’re not sure, a short-term lease is the perfect test drive! 

You can lease an electric vehicle from FLEXXiLease for as little as three months, giving you long enough to decide if an electric vehicle is right for you. It is cost-effective to lease a car for a slightly longer period like 12 months, but remember you can also take out a shorter lease to test out the vehicle.

FLEXXiLease is the UK’s leading short term car leasing company offering fast nationwide delivery for a large selection of vehicles. Contact us to get started with a short-term lease.