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Flexxilease are short-term vehicle lease specialists, providing both personal and business car and van leases for between 3-18 months with low up-front payments and fixed monthly rental rates.

For your peace of mind all our cars and vans come with a road fund licence (also known as road tax), manufacturer's warranty and breakdown cover.

We have all the popular brands like Audi, BMW , Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall and Volkswagen - so whatever your style and budget, car or van, we've the right vehicle for you

Our clear pricing, exceptional customer care and quick delivery make us the driver’s choice for flexible low-cost motoring in the UK.

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How to lease your car for 6-months

Car leasing with Flexxilease is super easy.
Step 1. Choose a car
Select a car from our website that suits your needs..
Step 2. Apply
You can apply for our car leases online or by phone.
Step 3. Lease
We'll complete the lease agreement with you answering any questions you may have.
Step 4. Delivery
We'll have arranged a delivery that works for your schedule to the location you need.

Why choose Flexxilease?

We’re short-term car leasing specialists. We offer short-term car leases , including 6-month leasing options, to UK residents and non-residents. With all the most popular cars in stock, low prices, breakdown cover included, generous mileage & nationwide delivery - We’re ready to get you on the road.


Definition: A short-term lease agreement allowing use of a vehicle for 6-months
Used for Gap Coverage:Often chosen while waiting for a long-term leased vehicle delivery.
Personal Benefits:Flexibility with vehicle choice, Lower commitment than buying, Reduced maintenance for newer cars.
Business Benefits:Tax deduction opportunities, Fleet flexibility, Improved cash flow management.
Disadvantages:Higher monthly payments than longer leases, Strict mileage limits, Potential extra charges for excessive wear and tear, Cost Variability: Depends on vehicle type, lease terms, and credit score.
Inclusive Lease Deal Perks:Free UK delivery, Flexible contract lengths, Maintenance and insurance options, Road Fund Licence included.
Mileage and Vehicle Standards: Options between 1,000 to 40,000 miles/year. All vehicles under 75,000 miles and 30 months old.
Decision Consideration: A 6-month lease balances flexibility, convenience, and new (or almost new) car experience.

6-Month Car Leasing Guide

6-month car leasing is a short-term rental agreement allowing you to use a vehicle for a period of just six months. Unlike longer lease terms that typically range from 12-36 months, a 6-month lease offers an even shorter commitment, making it an ideal option for those soon anticipating a change in vehicle needs or preferences.

Leasing a car or van for 6-months can be a useful option for either personal or business use, offering various benefits and some disadvantages. This guide will explain 6-month car leasing, the benefits, disadvantages, how to get one, and provide helpful tips to guide your decision.

What is 6 month car leasing?

Benefits of 6 month leasing

Disadvantages of 6-Month Car Leasing

Cost Considerations

Top 10 tips for Leasing a Car for 6 Months

I’ve just moved to the UK, can I Get a 6-Month Car Lease?

Features of 6-Month Car Leasing

Mileage Options and Vehicle Restrictions

Minimum Standards for Leased Vehicles

Applying for a Car Lease

Early Termination Policy

Delivery Timeframe

What is the shortest lease term for a car?

What is the shortest car lease in the UK?

Why are car leases so expensive now in the UK?

Alternatives to 6 month leasing

So - is a short-term car lease right for you?

3 Month Car Lease

12 Month Car Lease

Let’s start with the basics - what is 6-Month Car Leasing?

A 6 month car lease is a short-term car rental agreement where you pay to use a vehicle for a period of 6 months. Unlike long car leases that usually span 24 months or more, a 6 month lease offers a far shorter commitment.

These lease options typically are used whilst you’re waiting for your longer-term car lease to be delivered, but there are many different reasons why people choose short term car leasing.

Benefits of 6-Month Car Leasing

There are 6 key benefits to short-term car leasing, including:
1. No long-term commitment, offering more flexibility.
2. It's available for personal and business uses.
3. Wide range of makes and models.
4. All the advantages of driving brand-new vehicles.
5. Cheaper than daily hire.
6. No large down-payment, low monthly payments.

Disadvantages of 6-Month Car Leasing

Short-term car leasing comes with 4 clear disadvantages when compared to longer-term car financing or leasing. These typically include
  • Not owning the vehicle at the end of the lease.
  • Wear and tear are your responsibility.
  • If you exceed your contracted mileage you will have to pay excess mileage charges.
  • If you have a light credit footprint or poor credit, you may not pass the credit checks (though please call us for help on this point as we’re very flexible).

  • Cost Considerations

    The cost associated with a 6-month lease varies depending on factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the specifics of the lease agreement, and your credit rating. It's important to thoroughly evaluate different leasing options to both fully understand the entire cost structure but also to find one that best suits your needs. If you’ve any questions, just call our friendly leasing team on 03330 443322.

    Tips for Leasing a Car for 6-Months

    Leasing a car for a short period like six months can be a convenient option for various reasons, such as a temporary job assignment, extended vacation, or simply to try out a new model before committing to a purchase. Here are the top 10 tips to consider when you're looking into a 6-month car lease:
    1. Understand Your Needs: Clearly define your vehicle needs for the six months. Consider the type of car, mileage requirements, and any specific features that are important to you. This will help you narrow down options and avoid paying more for unnecessary extras.
    2. Research Short-Term Lease Options: Not all car leasing companies actually offer 6-month leases as they are less common and can be more expensive per month than longer-term leases. Look for leasing companies that specialise in short-term car leases.
    3. Compare New vs. Takeover Leases: You can lease a new car or take over an existing lease from someone looking to exit their current contract. Lease takeover can be a more cost-effective option, but ensure you understand the condition of the car and the terms of the original lease.
    4. Negotiate the Terms: Just like a traditional lease or purchase, the terms of a short-term lease can often be negotiated. This includes the monthly payment, upfront costs, mileage limits, and any fees. Speak freely with your leasing company before you sign the contract and they may be able to offer a more appropriate deal.
    5. Understand the Mileage Limits: Short-term leases may have stricter mileage limits. Exceeding these limits can result in hefty penalties, so be realistic and estimate your mileage needs accurately.
    6. Inspect the Car Thoroughly: Cars being offered for short-term leases are unlikely to be new. Where you’re leasing a used car, inspect it thoroughly to avoid being held responsible for pre-existing damage. Consider getting a professional inspection if you're not knowledgeable about cars and take photos of any damage including minor scuffs before you take delivery of the car.
    7. Consider Insurance Costs: Insurance for leased cars can be more expensive. Get insurance quotes beforehand and include them in your budgeting. Make sure the coverage also meets the leasing company's requirements.
    8. Understand the Wear and Tear Policy: Be clear about what is considered normal wear and tear - specifically ask this question of your leasing company. Find out what you would be charged for at the end of the lease for both these costs but also any other damage that may be incurred. This is especially important for short-term leases
    9. Be Aware of Early Termination Fees Although you're planning for a 6-month lease, unforeseen circumstances can change your plans. Understand the cost and process of early termination. Whilst you may be required to pay for the whole term if you do cancel or terminate your lease at any point before the end - it’s better to go into the lease knowing where you stand.
    10.Check for Hidden Fees and End-of-Lease Charges Carefully review the contract for any hidden fees or charges applicable at the end of the lease, such as disposition fees or charges for extra cleaning and repairs.
    Remember, a short-term lease can be convenient but it's important to do your homework and understand all the terms and conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

    I’ve just moved to the UK, can I get a 6-Month car lease?

    Yes! Whilst there aren’t many companies offer 6-month car lease deals to foreign nationals - we do! Short-term leasing is our core service offering. These deals are available for both personal and business purposes, providing an excellent solution for those who require a vehicle for a relatively short period or who prefer not to commit to a longer-term lease.

    Features of 6-Month Car Leasing

    The 4 main features of 6-month car leasing are:

  • No Long-Term Commitment: This is ideal for individuals or businesses that anticipate changes in their vehicle needs.
  • Brand-New Vehicles: Enjoy all the benefits of driving a new car without the responsibilities of ownership
  • Cost-Effective: It's generally cheaper than daily rentals and requires no large down-payment, just low monthly payments.
  • Convenience and Peace of Mind: Expect perks like included breakdown cover, delivery, and road fund licences in the monthly rental.

  • Mileage Options and Vehicle Restrictions

    Short-term car leasing provides flexibility in terms of mileage, offering options between 1,000 and 40,000 miles per year. Regarding vehicle restrictions, leased cars are usually less than 75,000 miles on the odometer and less than 30 months old.

    Minimum Standards for Leased Vehicles

    Car Leasing ensures that all vehicles meet specific minimum standards:

  • Less than 75,000 miles on the clock.
  • A minimum tyre tread depth of 3mm.
  • Serviced if within 1,000 miles or 6 months of the service due date.

  • Applying for a Car Lease

    When applying for a car lease, you will need to sign a contract outlining the lease terms, an order form for the vehicle, and a Direct Debit mandate for monthly payments.

    Early Termination Policy

    Should you need to return your vehicle early, Car Leasing applies a standard Early Termination policy and charges which will be detailed in your lease.

    Delivery Timeframe

    For short-term leases, Car Leasing offers fast and hassle-free delivery, typically available within 2-weeks, subject to vehicle availability.

    What is the shortest lease term for a car?

    The shortest lease typically span just 1 month, but options available typically include 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and 18-months - catering to those who need fast flexible transport.

    What is the shortest car lease in the UK?

    We specialise in short-term leasing, so typically offer leases as short as 3-months in the UK. If you need a shorter term we can offer 1-month leases but these are generally much more expensive when compared to a monthly contract of a longer duration such as 1 year. This is because you’re likely paying for both the delivery and collection of the vehicle in that same month, in addition to the administrative fees. So, yes, you can lease for 1-month but just expect to pay more.

    Top 5 reasons why car leases have increased in cost in the UK.

    The cost of 6-month car leases in the UK are influenced by various factors, from the economy to supply and demand. Here’s the top 5 reasons why car leases have increased in cost:
    Supply Chain Issues: The automotive industry worldwide has faced significant disruptions in supply chains, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions. Shortages of critical components like semiconductors have slowed down vehicle production, leading to lesser availability and higher prices. It’s also the same reason why second-hand cars in the UK have risen in cost.
    Increased Demand for Flexibility: With changing work patterns, including remote working and short-term contracts, there's a growing demand for flexible leasing options. This increased demand for short-term leases can drive up the prices due to the basic economic principle of supply and demand.
    Higher Depreciation Costs: Cars depreciate most rapidly in their first year. In a short-term lease, the leasing company has to recoup this depreciation cost in a shorter period, which can lead to higher monthly payments.
    Maintenance and Servicing: Short-term leases often include maintenance and servicing costs. While this is convenient, it can also make the lease more expensive as these services are bundled into the monthly lease payments.
    Economic Factors: Inflation, increased taxation, and changes in interest rates have all led to increased costs for leasing companies, which unfortunately is passed on to consumers in the form of higher lease prices.
    Understanding these factors won’t change the fact that costs have gone up, but at least it can provide insights into why 6-month car leases might be more expensive in 2024 than previous years.

    3 Month Car Lease

    A 3 month car lease has all the same benefits as a 6 month car lease. However, it's half the length of car hire lasting three months.

    12 Month Car Lease

    A 12 month car lease has all the same benefits as a 3 month car lease. However, it's four times the length of a car hire lasting twelve months.

    Alternatives to 6 month car leasing

    There are several alternatives to car leasing, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some common alternatives:

    Car Buying Vs Car Leasing

    Ownership: When you buy a car, you own it outright after completing the payment.
    No mileage restrictions: You're free to drive as much as you want without worrying about excess mileage charges
    Customisation: You can modify and personalise the vehicle to your preferences
    Higher initial costs: Buying a car usually requires a substantial down payment
    Depreciation: Cars typically depreciate in value over time, and you bear the brunt of this depreciation

    Car Rental Vs Car Leasing

    Short-term use: Ideal for temporary needs like holidays, business trips, or short-term projects that last up to a few weeks.
    Maintenance included: Many rental agreements include maintenance and roadside assistance.
    High daily rates: Daily rental rates can be expensive for extended periods.
    No ownership benefits: You don't gain any equity in the vehicle as you would with ownership.

    Car Subscription Services Vs Car Leasing

    Flexibility: Allows you to switch between different vehicles depending on your needs.
    All-Inclusive packages: Often covers insurance, maintenance, and other associated costs.
    Monthly costs: Subscription services can be more expensive than traditional leasing.
    Limited availability: Foreign nationals are unlikely to be able to obtain a car subscription in the UK due to light or non-existent credit footprint. Vehicle options may be limited, and high-demand vehicles may not be readily accessible.

    Car Sharing Vs Car Leasing

    Cost-effective: Pay only for the time you use the car.
    Environmentally friendly: Shared vehicles can reduce the overall number of cars on the road.
    Limited availability: Depending on location and demand, finding available vehicles may be a challenge.
    Time constraints: You're typically charged by the minute or hour, so longer trips can become expensive.

    Public Transportation

    Cost savings: Generally more cost-effective than owning or leasing a car.
    Reduced environmental impact: Public transportation is often more environmentally friendly.
    Limited flexibility: Depending on location and demand, finding available vehicles may be a challenge.
    Inconvenience: Depending on your location, public transportation might not be as convenient as a personal vehicle.
    Choosing the right alternative depends on individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Consider factors such as budget, usage patterns, availability of your local public transport such as bus or rail networks, and the level of flexibility required to determine the most suitable option.

    So - is a short-term car lease right for you?

    Opting for a 6-month car lease can balance transport flexibility, ease, and the pleasure of driving in a new or nearly new vehicle. This option typically suits individuals requiring a vehicle for a brief span or those aiming to avoid the obligations and value depreciation tied to car ownership. Offering a range of mileage plans, maintenance provisions, and quick delivery, leasing a car for 6 months presents an attractive alternative to car finance plans, or ownership. Potential lessees should always meticulously review the lease contracts, stipulations, and fine print, ensuring choices are well-informed and tailored to their unique requirements and situations.
    If you’re considering a short term 6-month car lease and need any further information, or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Flexxilease team.
    Let’s get you on the road!