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Flexxilease supply individuals and business car leases for between 3 to 18 months with low up front payments and fixed monthly rental rates.
For your peace of mind all our cars come with a road fund licence (also known as road tax), manufacturers warranty and breakdown cover.
We have all the popular brands from brands like Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, P Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall and Volkswagen - so whatever your style and budget, we've the right car for you.
Our transparent pricing, exceptional customer care and fast delivery service make us the driver’s choice for flexible low cost motoring.
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Car leasing with Flexxilease is super easy.
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You can apply for our car leases online or by phone.
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We'll complete the lease agreement with you answering any questions you may have.
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A guide to 3 month car leasing

In this short guide, we will explore what 3 month car leasing is. We’ll discuss its
benefits, drawbacks, associated costs and who might find this type of short
term car leasing useful. You’ll then be able to make a more informed decision as
to whether short term leasing is right for you.

What is 3 month car leasing?

Benefits of 3 month leasing

Drawbacks of 3 month leasing

Costs associated with leasing

Who leases for just 3 months?

Can I get a 3 month car lease with no deposit?

Alternatives to 3 month leasing

6 Month Car Lease

12 Month Car Lease

What is 3 month car leasing?

A 3 month car lease is a flexible short-term car lease that lasts three months. It offers individuals and businesses the convenience of having a vehicle without committing to a long-term lease or the financial burden of purchasing a car outright.
The term is widely applied to all types of cars, including electric, petrol and diesel, though bear in mind that as you’re not leasing for a very long period, the selection of models may be limited.
Is short-term leasing available for commercial vehicles?
Yes, short 3-month terms are also available in commercial vehicles such as vans, pick-up trucks, rangers, and even buses - so it’s available to businesses as much as individuals.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing cars on a short term basis?

Benefits of 3 month car leasing
1. Flexibility:
Ideal for temporary needs, such as business trips, short-term projects, or personal situations where a vehicle is required temporarily.
2. Low Commitment:
Unlike traditional leases, which can last for several years, 3 month leasing allows for a shorter commitment, giving lessees the freedom to switch vehicles more frequently
3. Cost-Efficiency:
Monthly payments for short-term leases are often lower than those for long-term leases, making it an economical choice for those who need a car for a brief period.
4. Maintenance Included:
Many 3 month lease agreements include maintenance and servicing, relieving lessees from the responsibility of upkeep.

Drawbacks of 3 month car leasing

1. Higher monthly costs:
While monthly payments may be lower than long-term leases, they are typically higher than those for traditional, longer-term leases.
2. Limited vehicle choice:
The selection of vehicles available for short-term leasing may be more limited compared to traditional leasing options. There are typically fewer brand new cars to choose from and the specific make or model of the vehicle of your choice may not be available.
3. Mileage restrictions:
Short-term leases often come with mileage restrictions, and exceeding these limits can result in additional charges
4. Ownership benefits absent:
Unlike ownership, leasing does not provide any equity or ownership stake in the vehicle.

Costs associated with 3 month car leasing

1. Monthly payments:
The primary cost is the monthly lease payment, which covers the depreciation of the vehicle's value over the lease period.
2. Initial payment:
Lessees may be required to make an upfront payment, which typically includes the first month's lease payment and a security deposit.
3. Excess mileage charges:
If the agreed-upon mileage limit is exceeded, additional charges per mile may apply.
4. Insurance:
Lessees are responsible for obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage for the leased vehicle.
5. End-of-lease costs:
Some leases may have end-of-lease charges for excessive wear and tear or damages beyond normal usage.

Who leases for just 3 months?

Three months is a relatively short-term car lease commitment and is typically chosen by individuals or businesses facing specific circumstances that align with the advantages of short-term leasing
Whilst the initial lease may only be for 3 months, its real advantage over longer term leases is that it comes with all the benefits of a longer term deal but you’re only contracted for a very short minimum term. This means it's easy to extend from 3 months to a longer term.
Here are some scenarios and types of people who might opt for a 3 month car lease:
Business professionals on short assignments:
Foreign nationals who have temporary work assignments or projects in the UK and need reliable transportation for the duration of their stay.
Customers who are foreign nationals working in the UK don’t have much in the way of a credit history and as such struggle to be accepted for a long term lease. This isn’t a problem for our short term leasing offers as we look at the individual and their affordability on a case by case basis.
The top 10 professions of foreign nationals who typically need to lease cars on a short term basis in the UK include:
Athletes: Professional Footballers, Gymnasts & Athletes
Business: C-suite Directors, Business Analysts & Senior Managers
Construction: Architects, Construction Consultants & Project Managers
Education: University Professors, Lecturers & Secondary School Teachers
Engineering: Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers & Electrical Engineers
Finance: ProfessionalFinancial Analysts & Chartered Accountants
Healthcare: Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists
Legal: Solicitors, Barristers & Legal Consultants
Science: Biomedical Scientists, Researchers in Life Sciences & Data Scientists
Technology: Software Developers & Network Engineers

Long-term tourists and travellers:
Visitors to a new country or city who prefer the convenience and flexibility of having a vehicle during their stay without the long-term commitment of ownership
Temporary residents:
People who are temporarily residing in a new place for personal reasons, such as family emergencies, relocation planning, or other short-term situations.
Trial period before committing:
Individuals who are considering a longer-term lease or purchase but want to test a specific make or model before committing to a more extended contract.
Gap before long term car leasing:
Current delivery lead times on new cars on longer term leases often take between 3 - 9 months. This means individuals may need an interim transport solution. Short term car leases offer this flexibility
Gap between car sales:
Individuals who have sold their previous vehicle and are awaiting the delivery of a new car but need transportation in the interim.
Businesses with fluctuating vehicle needs:
Companies that experience variable demand for vehicles based on seasonal fluctuations or short-term projects.
Insurance replacements:
Individuals whose vehicles are in the repair shop due to an accident and need a temporary replacement while their car is being fixed.
Students who only need a vehicle for a short period, perhaps during a break or for a specific project.
Emergency Situations:
People facing sudden changes in circumstances, such as a sudden job relocation, family emergency, or other unforeseen events, where short-term mobility is crucial.

Can I get a 3 month car lease with no deposit?

Unfortunately, not as typically, all car leases require an upfront payment, which includes the first month's payment, a security deposit which is refundable upon ending the lease, acquisition fee, and other fees.
No Deposit car leases, also known as zero down payment leases, are relatively uncommon in the short term leasing market, and their availability can vary depending on the leasing company, the specific car model, and current promotions.
If you're looking for a short-term lease, such as a 3 month lease, these rarely come with no deposit leases. Where they are available, it will typically increase the amount you pay each month as the cost will be added to your monthly payments, so whilst a no deposit 3 month car lease might make it easier for you to lease the car you want, it will likely end up costing you more.

6 Month Car Lease

A 6 month car lease has all the same benefits as a 3 month car lease. However, it's double the length of car hire lasting six months.

12 Month Car Lease

A 12 month car lease has all the same benefits as a 3 month car lease. However, it's four times the length of a car hire lasting twelve months.

Alternatives to 3 month car leasing

There are several alternatives to car leasing, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some common alternatives:

Car Buying Vs Car Leasing

Ownership: When you buy a car, you own it outright after completing the payment.
No mileage restrictions: You're free to drive as much as you want without worrying about excess mileage charges
Customisation: You can modify and personalise the vehicle to your preferences
Higher initial costs: Buying a car usually requires a substantial down payment
Depreciation: Cars typically depreciate in value over time, and you bear the brunt of this depreciation

Car Rental Vs Car Leasing

Short-term use: Ideal for temporary needs like holidays, business trips, or short-term projects that last up to a few weeks.
Maintenance included: Many rental agreements include maintenance and roadside assistance.
High daily rates: Daily rental rates can be expensive for extended periods.
No ownership benefits: You don't gain any equity in the vehicle as you would with ownership.

Car Subscription Services Vs Car Leasing

Flexibility: Allows you to switch between different vehicles depending on your needs.
All-Inclusive packages: Often covers insurance, maintenance, and other associated costs.
Monthly costs: Subscription services can be more expensive than traditional leasing.
Limited availability: Foreign nationals are unlikely to be able to obtain a car subscription in the UK due to light or non-existent credit footprint. Vehicle options may be limited, and high-demand vehicles may not be readily accessible.

Car Sharing Vs Car Leasing

Cost-effective: Pay only for the time you use the car.
Environmentally friendly: Shared vehicles can reduce the overall number of cars on the road.
Limited availability: Depending on location and demand, finding available vehicles may be a challenge.
Time constraints: You're typically charged by the minute or hour, so longer trips can become expensive.

Public Transportation

Cost savings: Generally more cost-effective than owning or leasing a car.
Reduced environmental impact: Public transportation is often more environmentally friendly.
Limited flexibility: Depending on location and demand, finding available vehicles may be a challenge.
Inconvenience: Depending on your location, public transportation might not be as convenient as a personal vehicle.
Choosing the right alternative depends on individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Consider factors such as budget, usage patterns, availability of your local public transport such as bus or rail networks, and the level of flexibility required to determine the most suitable option.


Leasing a car for three months provides a convenient and flexible solution for those facing temporary or transitional situations. It allows individuals and businesses to access reliable transportation without the long-term commitment or financial investment associated with traditional leases or ownership.
Car leasing is a popular option for individuals and businesses alike, providing flexibility and affordability compared to traditional car ownership. One of the emerging trends in the UK is the availability of 3 month car leases - especially for foreign nationals, those awaiting their longer lease car and those who are in a transitional period with their transport needs.
While it provides flexibility and cost-efficiency, there are potential drawbacks - such as the associated costs.

Last thought

Prospective lessees should always thoroughly review lease agreements, terms, and conditions to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and circumstances.
If you’re considering a short term 3 month car lease and need any further information, or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Flexxilease team.

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