The benefits of short-term car leasing

The benefits of short term car leasing

Buying a vehicle isn’t always viable and daily car rental is expensive, so why not consider a short-term car lease? Short-term leasing is a cost-effective alternative and offers many benefits for both personal and commercial leases:

Flexible lease agreements

Did you know that it’s possible to lease a vehicle from FLEXXiLease for as little as three months? Whilst it can be more cost-effective to lease a car for a slightly longer period like 12 months, you can also take out a shorter lease to test out the vehicle or to suit the length of your project.

For example, we offer a six-month lease for the Hyundai Tucson for £500 a month including VAT.


A safer option for SMEs and start-ups

If you require a commercial vehicle for a small business, start-up company, or for a new member of staff, a short-term lease offers lower risk. Before you commit to a lengthy lease, you can be flexible with a short-term option that can be easily extended if things go smoothly. Simply let us know if you would like to continue leasing the vehicle.

Short term leasing is also a helpful option for businesses who may not have been trading long enough to qualify for a longer lease contract, or do not have enough credit history.  

The opportunity to lower your carbon footprint

Rather than making a hefty investment in your own vehicle with technology that will likely become outdated within years or even months of ownership, choose a short-term lease to ensure you are driving a car that has the latest emissions and fuel technology. Try an electric vehicle to become even more environmentally friendly.

That new car feeling

Is there anything more exciting than the first ride in a new car? Get that feeling regularly by choosing a short-term car lease. And, when you choose FLEXXiLease, that new car will be delivered direct to your doorstep!

One simple monthly payment

Buying your own car can be a massive investment and it ties up savings that you may find you need for household repairs or that well-deserved holiday. Leasing involves a simple low monthly payment, plus it includes breakdown cover and road fund licence.

 FLEXXiLease is the UK’s leading short term car leasing company offering fast nationwide delivery for a large selection of vehicles. Contact us to get started with a short-term lease.