How to defrost your car in a safe way

How to defrost your car in a safe way


Due to the freezing temperatures, many people have needed to de-ice their cars and with the Met Office predicting extremely cold temperatures, many people will likely have to defrost their windscreens multiple times this winter.

Several 'hacks' have recently circulated on social media to help people reduce the time it takes to clear ice and frost from their vehicles, such as pouring warm water on your windscreen or using a bag filled with warm water to melt away any ice.

One of the safest methods you can use is to melt the ice with warm water. Because warm water can crack the windscreen, place it in a container, such as a food bag, and place it over the windscreen – this should keep your hands warm and make the process more enjoyable!

Making sure not to use boiling water in your car is critical because it could crack the glass. In extremely cold weather, boiling water can freeze faster than colder water, so you might end up with another frozen windscreen.

Another method for defrosting your car is to turn on the heating and wait for it to warm up. However, one car button you shouldn’t use in winter is the "air recirculation" button. The air recirculation button depicts an arrow pointing into a circle, and it effectively prevents outside air from entering the car, instead recirculating air within the vehicle.

In summer the air recirculation button is useful because it allows your car to cool down faster. It's also useful for keeping bad odours out of your cars, such as silage and pollution. In the winter, however, it should be turned off.

That's because the button (by design) traps moisture inside your car, which can lead to foggy windows and a foggy windshield in the winter.

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