Why one-month car leases are the next big thing!

Why one-month car leases are the next big thing!


Should you buy or lease your next vehicle? It's a question you might be considering if you're in the market for a new set of wheels. One-month leases are becoming more popular with petrol-heads and here’s why:


A new car every month 

You just can’t beat that new car feeling, so why limit yourself to driving one new car a year? A one-month lease is like an extra-long test drive, and you can change or keep your car after the one- or two-month lease is up! 

Just one monthly cost to consider 

When you’re leasing a car you make a fixed payment over the term, leasing payments are typically lower than loan payments overall – you’ll have no surprises when it comes to what you are spending on your car that month. Car leases often include Road Tax, and there are no setup or processing fees as well as being inclusive of roadside assistance! 

Ideal for seasonal work

Does your job move around a lot during certain months? A short-term lease is ideal for a commercial lease if contracts need you to be more mobile at different times of the year! 

Safer for start-ups and small businesses 

A short-term lease offers fewer risk if you need a commercial vehicle for a small business, start-up, or for a new employee. Consider a short-term option that can be readily extended if things go well before committing to a lengthy lease. 

Great for expats 

If you’re visiting the UK for work or a long trip, you can have trouble finding a car lease if you've lived outside the UK or have a gap in your address history when you visit or return to the UK. By providing car leasing options starting as low as one month, a one-month lease could be right up your alley! 

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