Where’s Will? The wonderful ways Will delivers our cars across the UK!

Where’s Will? The wonderful ways Will delivers our cars across the UK!


Flexxilease employee William delivers our vehicles, often choosing unusual and unconventional routes if it saves time and money. In this blog, Will explains how he delivered a car to Liverpool and returned via Alicante!


I was given the mission to deliver a Hyundai Kona to Liverpool from Bournemouth. I have driven a few different electric cars, but this was my first time driving a Kona!

The customer had chosen the Hyundai Kona because it’s an electrical vehicle being environmentally conscious, so the price of their 6-month lease was just £475 + VAT.

The vehicle has a range of about 300 miles when fully charged, but during this 4-hour 55-minute journey I didn’t have to stop once. If you’re wondering how long it takes to charge a vehicle like this, it’s around 55 minutes to charge the vehicle to 80% when you’re using a fast charger but can take up to 8 hours using a slower one.

I enjoyed driving the car as it’s a comfortable model with a good entertainment system, and for this drive I found myself enjoying a podcast!!

After I’d dropped off the car, I started researching train times and I remembered a vlog I had recently watched by travel guru Noel Phillips, who explores various different locations choosing different forms of transport to save money.

Without any time pressure I looked at various airlines and routes to see which worked out best, first checking they weren’t on the red travel list, so I wouldn’t need to isolate for ten days on return.

I found a flight to Alicante which would take 2hrs30mins, with 2hrs on the ground. I thought I could use this time to relax with a tasty coffee in the Spanish evening sun outside the terminal – which is exactly what I did!

I ordered a croissant and an Americano and decided to read a book, waiting for my return flight. This flight to Bournemouth was 2hrs10mins, landing at 11pm. The overall travel time of 4hrs40mins at a cost of £39.14, not counting the two hours on the ground, but can you really count relaxing with a coffee as travelling?

If I’d have travelled back via the train, it would have taken me 5hrs10mins for £92, overall, it was a smooth and relaxing journey, even in these COVID times. 

For someone like myself who enjoys flying, it works out well and makes a nice change from trains which are often expensive, uncomfortable, and unreliable. You do have to get creative and accept that if something goes wrong or you get delayed that you will be stuck in Spain (but who would really complain about that!????)

If you have any questions about our car delivery service, you will find our FAQ section helpful. Contact us today if you would like to discuss anything else!