What is a car subscription and is it the right decision for you?

What is a car subscription and is it the right decision for you?


What is a car lease or vehicle subscription? 

A car lease - also known today as a car subscription - is a service that allows you to have access to a vehicle on a monthly or regular payment basis, like a phone contract or a Netflix subscription. It is often referred to as a flexible car lease or short-term rental. 

Why should you consider a vehicle subscription service? 

Buying a car is a significant investment, after your rent, mortgage, and other major expenses. Purchasing a vehicle can place constraints on your household budget, considering the costs of things like maintenance, servicing, and tyres. Plus, it’s not always easy to sell a car after owning it – even after a short period of time, a new car will significantly lose value. 

Car subscription services include additional benefits such as the manufacturer's warranty, breakdown cover, road tax, and maintenance. By combining all the expenses into a single monthly payment, you can better plan your finances and potentially save money in other areas. And with Flexxilease, if you pay the initial rental by bank transfer, there is no processing or setup fee. 

Additionally, vehicle subscription services offer a diverse selection of cars, allowing you to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. You could even try out an electric or hybrid vehicle to find out if it is suitable for you! We offer a selection of electric vehicles to try before you buy from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Ford, Polestar, and Tesla. 

If you like the ‘va va vroom’ of driving a new car every 1 to 24 months, vehicle subscription services and short-term leasing provide the ideal solution. At the end of your contract, you have the flexibility to choose a new vehicle, return the current one, or extend your agreement. 

What do we offer? 

If you're wondering why Flexxilease is the right choice for your personal or business vehicle subscription needs, here are some of the advantages we offer: 

  • Low upfront payments
  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Extensive range of vehicles
  • Contracts starting at 1 month
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Road Fund Licence
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Breakdown cover 

To start searching for the right car lease for you please contact us today by calling 03330 443322 or emailing info@flexxilease.co.uk.