How to protect your car in the heat and sun

How to protect your car in the heat and sun

Living in the UK, you may think the weather isn’t hot enough to damage your car or van, but you’d be surprised. The weather has been glorious recently and it’s essential you take steps to protect your vehicle from damage, before it’s too late! 

You may even need to protect more than just the seats and dashboard from the sun's harmful rays - the engine and finish of a vehicle are also in danger during the warmer months. 

How to protect your vehicle’s interior from sun and heat 

  • Parking in a shady area is the first step to protecting your interior. Avoiding direct sunlight will help prevent drying and cracking of your dashboard and seats. If you feel safe enough, you can open the windows a crack to bring down the inside temperature. 
  • Put a sunshade over your windscreen during the summer months. You can use this to protect your car from solar damage and keep it cool. 
  • Use a specialist conditioner to keep leather seats protected, otherwise, they can be severely damaged by the sun and heat. Make sure to take care of your seats and frequently apply leather conditioner to help prevent cracks. 

How to protect your car’s exterior in the summer 

  • Your vehicle’s paint can fracture and fade in the sun and heat, but by simply washing and drying your car you can protect the paint from sun damage. Regular washing and hand drying can assist with getting rid of dirt and dust particles and stop little scratches from turning into big problems. 
  • Wax is an excellent way to help shield the finish of your car from the sun's UV radiation. While the specifics depend on the car, it is generally advised to regularly wax cars. 
  • Underinflated tyres and hot pavement can be a dangerous mix, so make sure to keep your tyres properly inflated. It's vital to check tyre pressure frequently when it's hot since even good tyres can lose on average one pound of air pressure each month. 

Protect the engine system! 

Simple upkeep and preventative car maintenance can keep you on the road and away from the garage during the warmer summer months: 

  • Make sure your engine is in good functioning order to aid in preventing overheating.
  • Check the belts and drain the coolant/antifreeze.
  • Assess the gearbox, brake, power steering and engine oil frequently. Check your owner's manual for the recommended types of fluids if any need to be topped up.
  • Your car battery can wear out and fail more quickly in hot temperatures. To ensure good operation, have a qualified mechanic frequently inspect the vehicle's battery and entire charging system. 

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