Flexxilease have officially joined BVRLA!

Flexxilease have officially joined BVRLA!


We are proud to have joined the BVRLA, a membership which represents a mark of quality and professionalism. Our consumers are at the heart of our work and we aim to always meet the highest industry standards.


What is the BVRLA?

The BVRLA stands for British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. The BVRLA ensures standards upheld throughout the leasing industry as well as making sure members offer accessible, safe, and environmentally-friendly road transportation.

The BVRLA encourages ethical business practises, upfront pricing, honest terms and conditions, quality cars, and great customer service. The impartial organisation guarantees that anyone leasing a vehicle, whether for a long or short period of time, will benefit from the protection that comes with selecting an approved dealer or broker. 

What must we do to comply? 

As members of the BVRLA, we must adhere to the standards established for pre-contract procedures, support throughout the duration of the contract, end-of-contract procedures, and complaint handling to be considered a member. As a BVRLA member, we must adhere to a code of conduct which is updated to reflect modifications to governmental legislation. 

You can feel secure knowing that we are a BVRLA member. If you would like to discuss a corporate or personal car lease, please get in touch with one of our team today!