Checks you must make before dropping your car off for an MOT!

Checks you must make before dropping your car off for an MOT!


Drivers are often concerned about taking their car in for an MOT as the cost of fixing things frequently can be catastrophic, and you can even fail on minor issues such as a lack of screen-wash or faulty number plate lights.

 You can avoid failing your MOT for minor reasons by simply checking out and resolving the issues beforehand. A failed MOT means you may be unable to use your vehicle until the problems are resolved, so be as prepared as possible. 

  • A split number plate or even a single crack covering a letter on the plate can mean the difference between a pass and a fail.
  • A strong petrol odour and a cap that won't seal indicates that your fuel cap is worn out. Check the condition of your fuel cap when filling up the car and as the check date approaches.
  • Checking the amount of screen wash in the car is one of the most overlooked checks to make before an MOT. It's a simple failure, but there's a simple solution: buy a ready-to-use screen wash and fill up the fluid bottle.
  • Seat belts commonly fray over time, but when the condition worsens, it becomes an extremely dangerous problem. If they aren't clicking in or coming out when yanked hard, a failure is imminent.
  • If you have a car sticker on your windscreen that is deemed to obstruct your vision in any way, you will receive an automatic fail.
  • A particularly dirty number plate will result in an automatic fail, as will leaving the entire body of your car excessively dirty. So DO NOT attempt to conceal a flaw in your bodywork or rust that you don't want the tester to notice.

 If you lease for more than a year, it is your responsibility to ensure that your car has a valid MOT on its third birthday and every year after that.

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