Can I use my private registration plate on my lease vehicle?

Can I use my private registration plate on my lease vehicle?

You can jazz up your car by getting personalised licence plates. You can choose the numbers and letters you want to appear on your registration for a fee; typically, this will be a phrase, slogan, or your initials.

With the extra cost of a private reg, we understand why you would want to transfer this to your lease car and the good news is you can, however, it’s a slightly different process to a normal plate registration, just follow these steps…

First, it’s essential you gain permission from you car leasing company since you do not actually own the vehicle, and if they agree you will need to send across some important forms.

What form is right for me?

  • V750 form:

A V750 form is provided when you purchase new private licence plates. This document demonstrates that the registration number you purchased has never been used on a car.

  • V317 form:

When you decide to move your vehicle registration from one car to another, this is the form for you. If you have a lease vehicle, you will use this form to move the plate to retention because they typically won't do a transfer. Retention refers to the situation where you still own the registration number but do not immediately wish to use it to identify a new vehicle. 

  • V778 form:

When you call the DVLA to have your number plates removed from your current car without immediately putting them on another vehicle, you'll obtain a V778 form, often known as a retention form. When a private number plate has been withdrawn from a vehicle, the DVLA uses a V778 document. 

Toward the end of your lease, you must make plans for the private registration plate to be taken off the car at least six weeks before your leasing agreement expires. 

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