7 Driving Laws you didn't know existed

7 driving laws, you didn’t know existed!

Whether you’ve just passed your theory test or you’re a truck driver by trade, it’s not possible to know every single intricate road law and let’s be honest, a lot of driving is common sense and instinctive.

There happen to be quite a few older laws which you might not know, or you may be shocked by, so let’s go through them for a giggle or maybe to even save you some trouble!

You can’t sleep whilst drunk in your car

Believe it or not, even if you have no intention of driving, it’s illegal to be in control of your car whilst under the influence of alcohol. The law uses the words ‘in charge’ of your vehicle and even if there’s a slight chance, you must avoid this!

You can’t let your pooch hang out of the window

When you’re driving down a road, there’s nothing quite as heart-warming as seeing a dog with the wind behind his ears, chilling out of the window but this is actually illegal! Even the ‘goodest’ of boys must be strapped in to save injury or distraction.

Swearing is classed as disorderly conduct!

Road rage is real, and we all have our pet peeves when it comes to what we expect from other drivers. However, whether it’s a vendetta against cyclists or those who undertake – keep it to yourself! Rude gestures and swearing could be seen as against the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. 

You can’t pay with your phone at a drive-thru

We all know that using your phone behind the wheel is illegal, but did you know you can’t use Apple Pay to purchase your late-night McDonalds? It all comes down to not holding or using your phone when you’re driving.

You can’t splash people on purpose

Whether it’s your mate on the way to the pub or an innocent bystander, splashing people by driving through puddles is considered ‘careless’ and ‘inconsiderate’ driving and can land you with points on your licence.

Blasting the tunes!

One of the most enjoyable parts of a road trip or journey is blasting a new Adele song (or any other music you like to play) but you can receive up to three points on your licence if your music is so loud that it could be deemed a distraction to other drivers! 

Warning people about speed cameras

It’s hard not to warn your friends or other vehicles about speed traps, it’s just being friendly right? Unfortunately, not, it’s considered purposefully obstructing police officers of their duty and can cost you a £1000 fine.

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