1-2 Month Car Leases

1-2 Month Car Leases


If you’re looking for an alternative to buying a car or a long-term lease, you can now get an even shorter lease with our new selection of our 1–2-month personal or business car leases tailored to your needs.

Flexxilease is committed to offering the most flexible, straightforward leasing options to suit a range of customers’ needs, so if you are hoping to try out an electric vehicle for a short period or are visiting the UK on a flying visit, we can find the right lease for your needs. 

Why choose a one or two month car lease?

  • Fill the void of awaiting a new car or van
  • Team initiatives to support business growth
  • Testing out a vehicle for a shorter period before buying or committing to a longer lease
  • One clear monthly payment
  • That new car feeling and ability to change your car more often 

What is included in a 1 – 2 month car lease? 

  • Low upfront payments
  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Wide range of vehicles
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Road Fund Licence, manufacturer’s warranty & breakdown cover
  • Personal & business options 

How do car leasing payments work? 

Because you make a fixed payment over the lease term, leasing payments are typically lower than loan payments overall. There are a few things that affect your lease payment including:

  • The retail value of the vehicle
  • Length of the lease
  • Expected mileage
  • Taxes and fees 

Car leasing services for ex-pats 

If you have lived outside the UK or have a gap in your address history, you may find it hard to find a car lease when visiting or moving back to the UK. We help ex-pats by offering car leasing solutions starting from as little as one month!  

 It is simple to get started with a short-term one or two month lease with us – just get in touch to discuss your requirements and to learn about the easy application process for securing your vehicle.

Once you have leased a vehicle, you can easily renew your contract to keep it for longer or switch vehicles if you’d like to try another make or model out.

 Contact us today to find out about our flexible leasing options!