#Where’s Will? Meeting Mario Falcone and flying to Blackpool!

#Where’s Will? Meeting Mario Falcone and flying to Blackpool!

Flexxilease employee William delivers our vehicles, often choosing unusual and unconventional routes if it saves time and money. In this blog, Will explains how he delivered a car to The Only Way is Essex’s Mario Falcone!


If you read our recent blog, you’ll know that I like to find alternative and fun ways of transport when delivering vehicles to our customers. On this day I was especially excited to find out our customer was no other than Mario Falcone!

As I was gearing up to deliver a Mini to Mario, I thought of many ways to transport myself up to the Northwest. In the end, decided I would do something a little more exciting and challenging this time. A few years ago, I received my pilot license and as the TOWIE theme tunes says, ‘the only way is up!’

The cost of filling up the aircraft with fuel is around £120 and to park for two hours costs around £37. I’d never explored the Northwest before and was eager to. Apart from Blackpool Illuminations, there’s not much going on at the beach town during this time of year, but it was a surprisingly nice November day so still a lovely time to have a look around. 

Mario was as friendly and as charming as you’d expect and was thoroughly grateful when we delivered his car. In this line of work, you never know who you’ll meet when delivering vehicles and meeting a celebrity hardly feels like work at all!

After delivering his car, I stayed in the Hilton at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. My room had awesome views of the pitch, which was a shame as there was no cricket on. The next day I was back delivering another car before returning home, this time a BMW X6, available for around £1200 + VAT per month.

You can find out all about leasing a Mini here. If you have any questions about our car delivery service, you will find our FAQ section helpful. Drop us an email today if you would like to discuss anything else!